Monday, 21 May 2012


Okay another long overdue one, I know! In all fairness, I have had a crazy past few weeks consisting of lots of overtime at work, and then a pretty bad flu. Unforeseen circumstances aside, here are some of my favourite pictures to highlight my trip.

This was taken from the window of where we were staying--incredible!

(No, I didn't tire of taking pictures of the Eiffel Tower)

The first of many delicious food photographs.

This bird created a memorable lunch for Brian and me as it was essentially attacking us and everyone else trying to eat!

A little bit of London en Paris.

This is when we were just coming to Place de la Concorde.

I love the little faces in everything from the buildings to the street posts.

Moulin Rouge.

A quick snap of the Monmarte.

Sacre Coeur

What a view!

We also hit up Versailles, but I am leaving that for its own post. As you can see, while we did see a lot in the three days we were in Paris, I clearly need to go back and experience the city even more. I had a really excellent time with my friend and his parents and I honestly cannot wait to go back!

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