Sunday, 12 February 2012

Settling In

So yes, while I have had a "lull" as far as going out and exploring and taking pictures, I can say week has been quite busy anyway. Since getting back from Scotland I have been settling into the new place, getting to know the roommates, and building bonds with new friends (hanging out with people a lot).

So far I am on the right track to never really being bored, because I've managed to meet enough people from totally different walks of life that it feels like there is always something to do to or talk about! So that's great. Even if I am alone though, I'm in London, so there is always something to do and it can even be free a lot of the time. I like that I've already been here because there is less pressure to do all of the "tourist" things. I am really enjoying exploring what the different Boroughs have to offer and I think if I hadn't already been here to visit all the must-sees, I would be feeling guilty!

With that said, I still am without a job so even though part of me is going "You shouldn't spend your day online looking for jobs, you should go somewhere!" I know finding a job is now my absolute priority. Which sucks, to an extent. It's really tough not to get discouraged when you send out 100 CVs in a week and hear back from one place. But that was the situation I knew I'd be coming to, so I can't give up hope just yet!

Some of the cool things I've been up to include going to see my roommate sing in her choir (she's a classical singer in addition to her day job which is awesome!); going to see some independent movies at this neat independent theatre; going to a community production detailing the history of their church in Friern Barnet which is the riding Margaret Thatcher was MP for; having amazing dinner parties with incredibly welcoming friends!; and trying not to spend all of my money on beer and food, etc...

I'll have to start taking my camera around more often, though, because there is a lot of interesting stuff just floating around. 


  1. Booo lull in posts!!!

    Post pics of your trendy London flat soon - ps email me your UK mailing addy

    Had an interview for the TDSB on Friday - gr 7/8 french....then I have an interview for the same position but at the OCDSB on the 25th MRAWWW

    Maybe I'll actually get to be a teacher next year....scary adultness :(

    1. "Trendy London flat" ahahaha. It's a wee house, actually! And it isn't trendy at all, but it's still cute enough. It just has some of the lovely quirks that a place with cheaper rent would have, like an oven that requires a BBQ lighter to spark. CLASSY.

      I'll email you my address. Eee! And I may or may not have only mailed your postcard in the last few days... Because I suck... But it's a racy/hilarious one so it'll be worth the wait.

      Eeeeee interviews!! Best of luck! It is scary and adult maaan. But I am happy for you, gettin' interviews and shit.

  2. Happy you're having fun darling! Don't get too discouraged, you'll find a job. I love and miss youuu

    1. <3 Love and miss you too Alinaface :)

      Can we have a Skype date soon? I miss your stories hahaha.