Monday, 27 February 2012

Good News!

Yes, as the title says, I have finally found some work. It's only temporary (for now), but it's Monday to Friday administrative work and it pays quite well so I'm quite pleased about this. I start Wednesday morning so wish me luck!!

Aside from that, I've been keeping busy enough. I wanted to first link you guys to this video of my roommate Gemma singing, from the night I went to go see her and her choir. I've taken a few random pictures as well, so I'll start with one of my little street:

Most of the time my days have been spent applying for jobs, and hanging out with friends. I've had the opportunity to check out a few cool cafes, Fika was one I particularly enjoyed (it's Swedish themed and in the hip Shoreditch area). I've gone to see a few movies; two on struggles for modern day Muslim women (The Light in Her Eyes and Boxing Girls of Kabul), and I went to see The Woman in Black, which was good fun.

Last week I went to the Tate Britain because I had some free time and a transit pass to get the most of. I thought it was great, although I think I probably would have appreciated it more if I had known more about the British art scene going in. Despite that, I took some pictures of photos and paintings I particularly enjoyed. Unfortunately I can't remember any of the artists because I have a terrible memory for that sort of thing. If you recognize any of this please let me know and I will source appropriately!

A classic British picture just around the corner from the museum.

What a beautiful day! This was a great shot from outside the Tate Britain.

The glorious roof as you enter the museum.

I thought this mirror was excellent! 

Another classic image of London culture, right outside the museum in front of the Thames.

Last Thursday I was lucky enough to get a cheap ticket and go and see Singing in the Rain at the Palace Theatre with my friend Cynthia and some of her friends. The show was really really great, I'd say one of my favourite musicals to date. I loved the tap dancing, and the rain on stage. Unfortunately the seats were archaic and we could hardly fit, which took away from the show just a wee bit. 

So I've been quite enjoying my time so far, and now that I have some temporary work I think my mood will improve even moreso. I want to try and plan somewhere to go in March, but I just need to decide where!

Oh, I took advantage of a Groupon deal to go to some Cotswolds villages on Saturday, where I somehow took a ton of photos. I'll break up those in two different posts sometime soon! 


  1. None of those paintings are as fantastic as the birthday card I made you. Just you wait!!!

    Got hired by the TDSB on Friday as an "occasional teacher" me and 4 other peeps. They were all experienced teachers though, I was the only person still in school.

    And they say the TDSB isn't hiring...mwahahahaha

    Had my interview in Ottawa on the weekend and guess what?!

    I got interviewed by Mme.Gilmour! Do you remember her from kindergarten?!

    She remembered me! She was like, "You went to Castor Valley didn't you? I think you were in my kindergarten class"


  2. Mme. Gilmour, that is craaaazy, hahaha. I'm sort of surprised she's still kicking, but I shouldn't trust my kindergarten memory of her. I'm sure she wasn't that old when we were in her class.

    Congratulations on ze job! Even if it's only occasional, it's a great start eh?

    I am so excited for the cardddd. My parents sent a package 2 weeks ago and it still isn't here so basically I will be an impatient dog at the door EVERYDAY until my mail comes.