Thursday, 1 March 2012

Cotswolds Picture Post: Burford & Bibury

Ahhh yes, a relaxing day trip to the English countryside. I came across a Groupon deal too good to pass up: three Cotswold villages, Stratford-upon-Avon, a two-course lunch and creamed tea in the afternoon, all for 39 quid. I met my friend Amanda nice and early last Saturday morning to catch a bus with a very eccentric tour guide and we started our adventure.

I'll start with the big 1000-year old church in Burford. We unfortunately did not get to go inside, but an interesting fact about it is the church is about 10 times bigger than what is necessary for the town's size... Why? Well, all of those indulgences of course! Also because the sheep farmers who made a ton of money before they died basically gave most of it to the church.

The gravestones surrounding the church were covered in moss and it was absolutely beautiful.

This is a picture of the old Medieval bridge. Isn't it crazy that the bridge is almost 1000 years old and still functioning? Another fun fact: it has little divets on the size you can see which were (and still are) for pedestrians to move into in order to avoid traffic. 

This picture is of a nice little bridge in the second town, Bibury.

The forest was so incredible. I have a lot of pictures of trees, as you'll find out.

This was the big church in Bibury which we did get to go into.

It was remodelled sometime in the early 20th century, but a lot of the wood and doors and windows are older.

Do you see the face?

Look at this amazing tree!

There were ducks frolicking in the little stream and I took a bunch of pictures of them before I realized I was technically wasting camera space on animals we have back in Canada... But they were cute so it's alright.

These are the old Medieval cottages in Bibury. They were so quaint and tiny.

See! This is Amanda, she's 5'2" to put the doors into perspective.

We totally lucked out with the beautiful weather! We stopped for lunch in Bibury and I got to eat trout from this very stream. Mmmm.


  1. Ohh beautiful!! I missed casual greenery… there are so few trees in my city…

    I miss moss and vines.

    1. Awh, I bet! I'm pretty impressed, as dirty as London can be, it's actually one of the greenest cities in Europe. If you leave the city centre (which I do, as I live in Zone 3), there seems to be a constant earthy smell that reminds me of early Spring back home. It's really lovely!