Sunday, 25 March 2012

St Patrick's Day

I decided to spent St Patrick's Day in London, rather than Dublin, mostly because I was unsure of what my work situation would be like but also because I hope to see Ireland with warmer weather. In light of that, I spent a pretty low key day in London, but I can assure you the rest of the city centre seemed to party enough for everyone!

I met my friend Sarah at Piccadilly Circus and grabbed one picture. You can't really tell but it was packed full of (mostly drunk) people.

We went to Chinatown for some delicious dinner before trying to meet my housemate Gemma and her friend at O'Neill's.

While we were outside picking a restaurant, we saw a Hare Krishna group walking and dancing around, encouraging people to join. I managed to snap a wee clip

O'Neill's is an Irish pub, as you can tell. The line went from the door around that yellow building around to the block behind it, and it was raining... So we decided to find somewhere else.

This pub was actually not crowded compared to a lot of others. Anyway, we had a drink and some chats and I decided to take it easy and head home. I honestly really wanted to avoid the Drunk Tube home! 

So, like I said, my evening was pretty low key but I am not disappointed. I wore green and got to go for a drink so I really don't have any complaints!

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  1. i wish *I* was done school and out doing fun

    I must mention, all this time in London and STILL no corgi pictures. WTH!

    Not much new here other than my upcoming graduation - WOOOOO

    It was super nice and sunny, 23 degrees and such but then winter came back to bite us in the ass. Now its down to a blustery, rainy, 4. :(

    Had my saxophone playing test today and it kind of sucked which was an unsatisfying surprise. Oh well, it doesn't matter in the grand scheme of my degree anyways mwahahahaha

    come back to meeeeeeeee