Sunday, 4 March 2012

Cotswolds Picture Post: Bourton-on-the Water & Stratford-upon-Avon

Bourton-on-the-Water was probably the most picturesque village we visited, but because of that, it was packed with tourists and overpriced shops. It was still fun to wander around, though!

We went in and everything smelled kind of awful...

I was playing around with my camera settings, because I wanted to show how awesome it was that there were flowers blooming everywhere!

More ducks, sleeping this time, haha.

This is an example of a stacked wall; aside from the top there is no binding material and it holds up just by years of weighted rocks pressing on one another. Pretty incredible that they're still standing, even after 1000 years! I had to try and see how sturdy it was, and I was very impressed.

Now we come to our final stop, Stratford-upon-Avon. We got a little tour of Nash's house, which was where Shakespeare's Great-Granddaughter lived. The house itself was right beside the house where Shakespeare spent the latter half of his life, and where he eventually died... Unfortunately that house was ripped down and there is just a garden left. 

One side of Nash's house, from the garden area.

More flowers!

This was Shakespeare's personal orchard.

There were these modern art statues of all his plays scattered about, which was pretty cool.

I loved all of the Tudor-style homes everywhere. I took a picture of about 20 of them!

This is where we stopped for creamed tea, the shoppe was adorable.

And the snacks were delicious and filling.

Even though we were the last ones to get back on the bus, we had to stop to get one last picture of a Shakespeare statue!


  1. Oooh I like the picture of mossy grass with the little tiny blue and purple flowers poking up!

    There are no flowers in Toronto yet - we got hit with a crazy wind storm the other night and it downed power lines and such. It was part of the same weather system that caused an F4 tornado in Indian - IN THE MIDDLE OF THE WINTER!!!

    How crazy is that?!

    It was like spring not too long ago but now we seem to be going through a cold spell. Stupid ground hog - what does he know?!

    Have you seen any corgis yet?

    When can I come visit you?

    Early June?....

  2. and by Indian I meant Indiana....random

  3. Not one corgi! I've seen more in Canada, for sure.

    Will you for real come to see me??

    The weather today was very cold and rainy which sucked, but I CAN say it was my first birthday without there being snow on the ground! But I am excited for spring, yeah.

  4. How much monies does it cost to fly to England and back?...Lots?

    1. Yup.. The cheapest I could find was $818 from Toronto to Paris, then you would need to take the train to London for another $50. WAY too expensive in the summer!

      All the flights to London (whether direct or with connections) were around 1K. CRAZY.