Thursday, 8 March 2012


Sunday, March 4th was my 23rd birthday.

I have been trying not to dwell on the age itself too much, because 23 is closer to 25 than it is to 20 and I find that a little crazy (and okay, scary). Also, I know I'm living in London but despite that, every once and awhile I get the typical "Oh God, what am I doing with myself?" feeling and 23 really just exacerbates that even more!!

Okay okay, I am getting ahead of myself. I really just wanted to make a post letting everyone see how even though I only just moved here, the people I have met made sure that I did not feel forgotten on my birthday!

Before the weekend started, my roommates Gemma and Stef did a little birthday dinner for me. They made fajitas and then we did cake! It was so sweet. And the cake was amazing. I took multiple pictures of it, in fact.

It was from Marks and Spencer and it was better than a lot of homemade cakes I've had. I hate admitting it but it was honestly that good! 

Saturday night I met a bunch of my Canadian friends (and Stef came too!) at an amazing pub Stef recommended called Tattershall Castle. It is literally a pub on a boat floating on The Thames. We grabbed seats looking out at the Eye and Big Ben before the cold got the best of us and we retreated below deck. It was really wonderful, that everyone came out! I unfortunately did not bring my camera but please do check out the website!

Now speaking of the weather... While it was cold (being early March, I'd say it was around 7* Celsius), it was my first birthday without snow to bog me down! But of course, I was graced with very British weather.

(I snapped this one to show off the fantastic HBC umbrella Brian got me before I left!)
I met up with my friend Gisela for some tea and we wandered around Kensington for awhile. Gisela got me my own amazing giant mug and some tea which was very sweet! I also ended up buying myself a little something something.

Finally after braving the rain I came back home and made myself bangers and mash and drank wine and read a little bit. I also made myself a cuppa in my new mug, and read some of the lovely birthday cards I have received in the mail! It was a nice, low-key day and I was a bit picture happy, so please forgive me. It was my birthday, after all ;).


  1. Yay! I'm happy you had a fantastic birthday and that the umbrella is being put to good use! :)

  2. boooo I am sad my card is not in that pile!!!!

    I'm sending you a back-up card TOMORROW!!! Just in the original one never makes it - though it probably will come the day after you get the back-up card because that's just how mail likes to work...or not work?...

    I'm almost done classes FOREVER - 2.5 more weeks!!! Then exams....then practicum.......THEN GRADUATION!!!


    Also got word of where my 2nd practicum is going to be (for French) and it's going to be at an all-girls Catholic high school. Kilts and all. Ugh.

    Jealous of the mug and umbrella

    PS - I have always loved store-bought cakes more than homemade ones, is that weird?

    It was 13 degrees here in Toronto today, pretty sweet weather though it's time for summer g-damn it!

    Clocks roll forward this Sunday so I will have a precious hour subtracted from my sleeping time. :(

    Not really sure if you needed to know about the clocks rolling forward but I felt it was important to keep you in the loop regarding my sleeping apparently...?