Sunday, 25 March 2012

Borough & Camden Markets

We have had absolutely beautiful weather in England as of late. I'm talking really perfect, sunny spring weather.

Last Saturday my friend Sarah and I decided to take advantage of it and hit up a few famous markets while we were at it. We first went to Borough Market, located around London Bridge which is where the hostel we met at is.

The BIGGEST english muffins I've ever seen.

Fresh gnocchi and tomato sauce (with cheese!) for lunch.

After getting our food we went over to the lawn by Southwark Cathedral to eat.

After we explored Borough Market (and picked up a few things), we hoped on the Tube headed to Camden Town. It was very busy! I hadn't been to Camden yet during the daytime so it was cool to see the area with fresh eyes. 

So busy!

Awesome seats!

My favourite of the 3 markets at Camden is definitely the The Horse Tunnel Market. It was mostly in an old stable, and it had a lot of things that I liked. I ended up buying a nice little scarf for £2 and I certainly want to go back!


  1. I realized I never posted on this one - hmmm

    I apologize

    Working on your exciting CANADA PACKAGE!!!

    I'm going to get some stuff tomorrow to put it in - AMAZING things ......things I have to come up with first LOL

    I'm pretty jealous of those scooter seats

    1. Can I request some President's Choice White Cheddar Macaroniiiiii? I miss it so!

      I will be sending you a postcard from Fraaaaaance. I will make it fridge appropriate this time, haha.