Wednesday, 4 April 2012

A Day in the Life

I meant to make a post a little earlier (I had it set up and everything, honest!) but we were without internet for a few days and it messed my whole schedule up. Anyway, I just wanted to use this post to discuss the first posting I had through a recruitment agency and show some pictures from the gorgeous area I was in (Belgravia/Victoria which is quite posh as they say).

I worked in housing for 4 weeks and overall it was pretty good. The pay was great for temp work, and it was at Hyde Park Corner which meant no Tube transfers and I got to go on beautiful walks at lunchtime! This picture here is walking alongside Green Park and Buckingham Palace.

I spent a lot of my time looking at the fancy pants housing and drooling. 

I took a lot of pictures of everything in bloom before that crazy heat wave hit back in Canada, but I clearly didn't get around to posting them in time to make everyone jealous...

What a majestic site on your way to work everyday!

Alright, so the job itself was alright, and for the most part everyone was pretty nice after warming up to me. (I was told by a few people that British people aren't as friendlier as say, Canadians or Australians, and I don't want to agree with this generalization but it definitely took longer than usual for people to start talking to me and saying hi!) I ran into a few issues with a couple of men living back in the 1950s as far as their views on women, but I would just refuse to get involved and walk away and that seemed to at least shut them up while I was around.

I ended up not being able to stay due to budget constraints, but I'm not particularly bothered as I landed a temp role as admin with a private university which started this week. It's sort of nice to meet lots of new people, and work in different areas around London! I was sad to say goodbye to a few people because most of them were really nice and engaging and asked me lots of questions about Canada, heh. But the new job is in the financial district RIGHT NEXT TO The Gherkin so I hope to take a bunch of pictures during my month here. 


  1. boo it seems that our heat wave went away here in Toronto :( London seems to be 1 season ahead and I am jealous.

    10 days til my final jury!!!!!!! So excited to not have to play horn weeeeeeeeee (music school makes you hate music, like how school makes you hate most things LOL!)

    Called the city on my neighbour's junk pile and now she is out there cleaning it up mwahahah I win! It's been a whole year that her construction garbage shit has been sitting in the shared alley between our 2 houses so I feel justified.

    My boss fell at work (somehow...we have no stairs?..) and broke her nose, it was random and bloody. I was disturbed. But without her, and being in during the holiday Monday the office was DEAD. So I type to you to occupy myself yay!!!

    I'm going to make you a Canada package and send it with tracking so that it actually gets to you unlike your long lost card :(

    GET EXCITED! I'm going to put awesome things in it!!!

    Come back soon

    1. YOU'RE ALMOST DONE SCHOOL YAAAAAY! I am excited for you. Because being done rocks. I am not looking forward to going back if I ever do :(

      This package you speak of excites me ever so much!! SO MUCH. I pretty much constantly have my camera with me in hopes of seeing a corgi. I'm still hunting for you!