Sunday, 22 April 2012

Easter Trip Days 3 and 4: Amsterdam & Bruges

Okay and here is the last instalment of pictures from my Easter Weekend trip.

Sunday was a quiet day, I spent it wandering around looking at canals and having a few drinks and conversation in the evening.

I grabbed a delicious little breakfast in the morning from Bagels & Beans. The cream cheese was heavenly!

This was our hostel. Not impressive from the outside, but very impressive on the inside!

On Monday morning we left bright and early to get going to Bruges. After getting full-frontal flashed by a male prostitue in the window (and no, I do not have any pictures of that), we were set to head to Bruges.

It was a cute little town, but as you can see by those angry clouds, the weather was terrible. 

The frites were not as good as the ones we had in Amsterdam, but we got this little deep-fried apple dessert which was good. Everything in Bruges was ridiculously expensive though! It was charming, but I preferred Brussels tenfold. 

But okay, the chocolate... Oh man. It definitely lives up to the reputation!

We found ketchup chips! Which I thought only existed in Canada. I didn't take a risk buying them, but I am curious how they would taste different.

As a quick update... Things have been quite busy as of late. I am working long days and doing what I can to hang out with friends and volunteer with my spare time, so I haven't had as much to blog about! My friend Brian from home is coming this weekend which I am crazy excited for, we're going to tourist-up London before going to France for a few days. Weee!


  1. pfft - those ketchup chips don't look so hot especially cause the bag says "scary" LOL!!!

    I like the sign that says "Condomerie" as if it's some fancy place - then the story of being flashed by a male prostitute, amazing.

    James' brother is in Scotland right now, Gord+Teryn just landed in Jamaica....I home....haha super awesome like that!

    Got my wedding band in the mail on Friday - tore open the box, realized they sent the completely WRONG style - not even close.....Which is weird cause the sent me a sterling silver sample of the one I was interested in and then I said "sweet go ahead and platinum that shit up" but maybe they interpreted "platinum that shit up" as

    "completely fuck up and make/ship a totally different ring" I see the relation there....

    Anyways so now I'm gonna call on Monday and freak out on them :( I hope they fix it no questions asked.

    Still waiting on the corgi pictures btw

    Can you pick me something awesome up while you are in France? Something grade 9 core French kids would think is cool? Some tabloids that talk about Twilight or something? LOL!!!!!


    When are you coming back again? September or later than that?..

  2. Aw man they better fix the wedding band issue, that's unacceptable. Let me know how bitching them out goes!

    Havent seen one corgi yet :(. The dogs here are weird, stockier.

    I will search in France, I have a few ideas already!

    It seems that I'll be back no later than October. Let me know what I need to do! I havent gone dress shopping or anything yet because I honestly think I'll have better luck in Canada!