Tuesday, 3 July 2012


To sum Germany up in a word: incredible. I flew into Berlin with Kaeli from back home, and then we met Jeff and I think we covered a pretty good size of the city. I really loved Berlin, it was clean and green and had a nice alternative non-touristy feel for the most part. Everyone was pretty friendly, and there was even one night where I got lost after the bar and a few people directed me home despite claiming they barely knew English!

I have a ton of pictures so I'm dividing them up into two cities. Here are some favourites from Berlin:

(This was the hotel Michael Jackson dangled his baby from)

Here is a vein of the old wall running through the city.

Pictures from the Holocaust memorial.

These were from June 17th at the memorial for the 17th of June.

I had to. One of many.

One of the two matches I got to see in Germany, and they won both which was certainly fun!

Drinking in style.

This was a map at the Topography of Terror that shows all of the Holocaust memorials throughout the country.

Checkpoint Charlie.

The giant, beautiful Synagogue.

I met up with my friend Sarah and some of her friends for some beer on my last night.

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  1. sweet!! the best picture is the baby dangling hotel pic....AHAHAH