Sunday, 22 July 2012

Munich and Dachau

Okay okay, I was in Munich about a month ago and I'm only just getting around to posting about it now. In fairness I haven't been home much! I'll try to get an overall update up soon but for now please just enjoy my little Munich post.

The famous glockenspiel in Marienplatz. Adorable but definitely overrated!

This was a map for blind people which I thought was really awesome. Not many cities have them and apparently Germany has the most of anywhere!

Meat and beer were clearly huge components to my trip. Augustiner was the BEST.

This was right where Hitler was almost shot in the Beer Hall Putsch.

This is another thing I loved about Germany, all of the subtle memorials for victims of the Nazi regime strategically placed everywhere. 

Making friends :)

The famous Hofbrauhaus. You'll see I made it there a few times to partake in some German tradition.

There are ten full litre mugs in this picture. The waitress carried ALL OF THEM AT ONCE. I'm still not over it.

Mandatory Hofbrauhaus picture.

This is the first picture I took in the Englisher Garten, which is this huge beautiful park in Munich. It was really peaceful and it was a beautiful day when I took a stroll and everyone was out and about doing anything from sun tanning, playing football, or even skinny dipping!

This was really gross, unfortunately. It was the only disappointing meal I had on my trip though!

Some guys from a band in lederhosen let us take some pictures with them. They were obviously charming and hilarious. In my picture, the guy whose arm is reaching across gave me his beer to hold up as I was not drinking anything, haha. 

On my last night I treated myself to some incredible schnitzle. Mmmm!
Munich was an incredible city, entirely different from Berlin. It felt a little kitschier, and entirely what one would expect when going to Germany. Everyone was very friendly and happy to show off their English, which was welcome! The food wasn't quite as good as Berlin's but the beer made up for that. It's a gorgeous city in itself and I had a lovely time on my own, meeting people and seeing all of the sights.

On my last day I decided to go on a tour to Dachau, and I feel very humbled and fortunate to have been able to experience it. Having studied history in school, you learn about all of these places and events but books and lectures really cannot hold up to going. Dachau was very clean and quiet and it was preserved but not remade. That is, peeling paint was left in place and there weren't many plaques anywhere, things like that. I went with a group and the guide did a near perfect job. She was very respectful and made a point to make sure no one treated it as a tourist spot, but somewhere to reflect. 

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