Sunday, 16 September 2012

(Mid-)September Already!!

Alright so while it has been about two months since my last post, in my defence I haven't left London so nothing's really been that exciting to write about!

Well, that's not true. I've been pretty busy, but I have a spare moment so I thought I'd write a little update for anyone who is curious as to what I've been up to. 

Much of my summer has consisted of pubs and good people and I've been having a blast living here. I feel like I've really fit into my own groove and I can honestly say I'm very happy here. I was hired on a year-long contract at the start of June at a company which manages property for the City of Westminster, and while it sounds sort of dry it's a really interesting job! I'm picking up a lot of transferable skills and it's always busy and changing so it doesn't get boring. 

My friend Heather and I (after a great deal of stress and worry) found a great 2 bed flat and we moved in about a month ago. It's such an upgrade, both the flat itself and the area, to my old place! I've taken some pictures to show off:

This is the outside... So many trees for London!
As much as I really miss everyone from home, I'm having too much fun here to come home as quickly as I had originally intended. As it stands I'll be here for another year and I can't wait to see what this year brings for me :)

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