Sunday, 5 February 2012

Scotland Video

Just a wee video of some scenery in Scotland. I tried to find Scottish music to play but I couldn't find anything I liked enough so I just used some good ol' First Aid Kit.


  1. kinda sounds like Dixie Chicks...

    I was expecting Cassie in this video!

    I find it entertaining how there is this big old castle and then over the cliff there are high rise apartments and such - crazy town

    Did you eat any haggis?

    Were you in Scotland on Robbie Burns Day???

  2. Hmm I hadn't noticed but I guess they sort of do here! And yeah my face is in one of the two pictures posts which I noticed you havent commented yet! Haha.

    My hostel was across the street from the castle. It was insane. I tasted a bit of haggis.. It wasn't the worst thing ever...

    Anddd no, I just missed it... But I don't mind too much because I bet it would have been crazy. Basically everything is named after him and every museum/historical place ever talks about him!

  3. Because he is awesome. Is it confirmed that "he" is actually a "he" and not a "she"?

    Neil broke one of his toenails last week and now he has to wear the cone of shammmeeeee!!!!

    It's so sad looking :(