Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Finally some photos!

Sunday January 15th to Tuesday January 17th, 2012

Jobs jobs jobs. I applied to 7 office/administrative assistant jobs on Sunday morning. I came down with a cold, actually, so I figured it was best to rest up and I’d be good by Monday if I took it easy.

For a late lunch/early dinner, Cynthia (a girl who is doing SWAP and is from outside of Montreal) and I went looking for some fish and chips. We went to one placed which was closed, despite what their hours outside said, so we wandered around Southwark and found a little gem of a pub

We were disappointed to discover that they were out of fish for the day, but ended up getting a full on Sunday roast beef with vegetables, Yorkshire pudding, roast potatoes and tons of gravy. Oh my lord. It was very much worth it and I regret nothing. Actually, that’s not true; my only regret is forgetting my camera in a fit of hunger and not taking a picture to share.

Unfortunately, my plan to take it easy and not get sick backfired, and despite drinking liters of water and orange juice, I got hit with a cold. So Monday and Tuesday were spent not doing a whole lot, which has actually made me feel guilty… Not only did I buy a 7 Day Pass for the Tube, which means any day I don’t take the Tube I am wasting money, but I am in London and choosing to sit around in bed instead of going off to explore! But I know that I’d really regret it if I ignored my body, because the last thing I need is to require a hospital stay in a foreign country. (If that seems dramatic to anyone, I once ignored a “bad cold” that ended up being pretty severe pneumonia, which I was hospitalized for! So I try not to push myself when I’m sick now.)

Anyway, Monday I had a bank appointment and I went and hopefully I’ll get money wired to me, and my bank card, soon enough. I think having a debit card will really make me feel like more than just a tourist! Afterward I made my way to a cafĂ© and bought some soup and took care of a few important phone calls before continuing to hunt for a room somewhere. Then I decided to go back to the hostel and take it easy.

I have a few photos of the area my bank is in to share. It was a beautiful day so I couldn’t resist snapping a few pointless shots.

Tuesday I woke up still feeling pretty rough, but I was determined to send out a bunch more CVs (electronically, I am still sick after all!). So I think I applied to another 12 jobs or so… It’s hard not to be impatient (and not work myself up into a worry too much) when you are unemployed and sick. I have far too much time on my hands to start fretting about how I’ll never be hired anywhere and I’ll have come all this way for nothing… But I’m told these thoughts are normal.

I decided to take a shower and organize my things before taking myself out for a walk around the area. I surprisingly have even more pictures to share.

London is full of tiny little alleys and streets that are really hidden. Actually, they were cute at first but I've almost been late to things a few times because I assumed the alley wasn't actually the street I needed, when it was...

I really love the old beautiful facades here.

This pub was called "The Drawn and Quartered." Amazing.

I wanted to check out The Tower from the outside, so I managed to take a few pictures of that. I will take another tour before I leave London, I’m just not sure when!

I stumbled upon an old church right beside The Tower called All Hallows by the Tower. It is apparently the oldest church in the City of London. 

This super modern office building is right across from the church. London's really great for incorporating new with the old!

It was still open so I decided to take a peek inside.

The church always has a flame lit as long as there are mariners out there who have been taken hostage.

The church has cared for numerous beheaded bodies over the years, including Thomas More’s, which is pretty awesome. John Quincy Adams was also married here.


  1. I will read this in more detail a little bit later, I just wanted to say that I think you should have a Harry Potter post where you go looking for everything relating to Harry Potter. Potentially also go to Scotland and find the lake with the giant squid.

  2. still waiting for that epic corgi shot....LOL!!

    You should get a job at a tourist attraction and freak all the tourists out with your Canadian accent!!

  3. I'm incredibly proud of you, Cassie! I think about you and your travels on a daily basis and hope that all's going well! Also, I hope you find a place soon! Hopefully I'll be by to visit over the next few months! :)

  4. It all looks so amazing Cassie!