Sunday, 29 January 2012

First Day in Edinburgh

I am just catching up on a few posts that I wrote but couldn't actually post because I had no internet. 

Friday January 27th, 2012

I am sitting in my hostel bed in Edinburgh right now. I have been dealing with shaky internet connections since arriving to the UK, but this hostel takes the cake right now! (Otherwise I have no complaints so far—the hostel itself is huge and cozy and incredible, I got TWO pillows, and the showers are superior. I actually took pictures for anyone who cares.)

This was taken from the bathroom window of the hostel!

The past few days haven’t been too bad. I put together a last minute trip to Scotland and moved about half of my stuff to my new house, so when I return on the 1st of February I can go directly to my new room and stop hostelling! I am excited mostly for having more room, a place to organize my stuff, and privacy. The hostels really haven’t been as bad as I was anticipating, but you know, nothing beats a spot to really call your own.

Pictures from the ceiling of the train station.

I can’t really say too much about Edinburgh yet, aside from that it is absolutely breathtakingly beautiful. And all of the tiny souvenir shops make me want to unload my money in ways souvenir shops in London do not. They just seem more authentic and kitschy and excellent... So we’ll see about that one.

I have a few pictures, but they’re pretty scattered. I am going on a day trip to the Highlands tomorrow so expect some big picture posts coming up!

I haven’t been able to get any good chats in with my family members this week, in part because of the rough internet but also because I’ve been really busy! It makes me sad but I know once I get settled and have reliable internet it’ll get better and easier. Now all that has to fall into place is the job! I have a few “leads” but I won’t say anything else until something concrete happens.

Here are a bunch of pictures of the awesome hostel I am staying at.

First meal in Edinburgh. Mmmmm.

Friends and family: Thanks so much for the blog comments, they really truly brighten my days. I miss all of you sooo much so the tiniest comments help me feel connected and less homesick, and loved, so keep it up please J.

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  1. WTF is that PIE?!?! I WANT ONE!!!!

    Classy bathroom shot - must be "inspiring" AHAHAH

    That is def. the classiest hostel EVER - grand piano, fireplace, scenery....maybe you should just get an apartment in Scotland and live there! And obviously I would come visit...

    I have never heard of the band you posted about, but that is no surprise as I am the most uninformed music person on the face of the planet.

    I'm taking saxophone class this semester and btw - I am kicking ass. Just thought you'd like to hear that :)

    Other than that - same old

    I am going to meet the principal of a northern Ontario reserve school (near the Manitoba boarder) to see what he has to say about an opening for full-time music for 2012-2013....I am told that isolated schools pay well but the downside is...well...having to live there! Ahaha

    I'm still holding out for something near civilization ie. Toronto, Ottawa, Kingston or something else along the 401

    I get so excited whenever you post a new blog entry - I'm 100% jealous and I feel that as a result, you should get me an over-priced Scotland tourist track nik-nak (is that how that is spelled?)as detailed in the above blog.

    So by now I should have the following items:

    1) photo of a British corgi dog (preference for Queen's dogs)

    2) felted ball keychain

    3) awesome Scottish keepsake

    I'm keeping tabs ;)