Sunday, 29 January 2012

First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit is a band I’ve loved for a little while now, and since they’re two somewhat-unknown Swedish sisters, they don’t often come to North America. I was quite excited to see that they were coming to London in late February, but then one of my friends here saw on a poster that they were playing a free show in a record store in Camden so we decided to go.

I put together just a short video of 3 very short sound clips for anyone to watch. Mind that I was using a digital camera and you’ll really get a feel of how incredibly talented these two sisters are! 

(Food sidenote: We grabbed dinner at a bar next to Rough Trade, the record store, and had great fish burgers and chips and a beer all for £9.95.)

We managed to shove our way to a good spot and enjoyed the concert immensely. Gisela, my friend, wasn’t really familiar with First Aid Kit but she said she really liked them after seeing them live. They were really fantastic! Great sound, they harmonize perfect in person and they’re adorable and passionate all at once. If you ever get the chance to see them (and you’re already a fan, or you love folk), go!

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  1. Ooo amazing! I've quite liked them since Julie sent them my way.

    It seems like you're having a super time, Cassie!