Sunday, 22 January 2012

Jack the Ripper Walking Tour

I got to take a nice walking tour about Jack the Ripper this week. It was a really great way to see some older parts of London, as well as learn some hypothetical theories on one of the bigger mysteries in history.

I took a bunch of pictures but unfortunately don't remember a whole lot beyond "He killed a prostitute here," but if I do remember something I will include it with the picture description!

Another view of The Tower, where we started the tour.

This was the old wall (from Medieval times) that divided the business/central sector of London from the East part of London. They stuck all of the industries in the east because the wall and wind took the stink from factories to the east and away from the centre, and because poorer people couldn't stop them.

This bridge was a favourite spot for "knee tremblers."

The animated tour guide going into detail about how Polly Nichols was killed (I'll spare the details).

The location of another brutal murdering... It's the same cobblestone (which I still can't get over!) but everything else is obviously quite different.

This was Mary Kelly's area.

The building she had rented a tiny room in (and been subsequently murdered in) is now a modern carpark.

The modernized version of the bar the prostitutes were known to have frequented. We didn't get a chance to go in because the group was too big!

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  1. knee tremblers - amazing!

    is it just the darkness of the photos, or does the east end still look pretty skeezy?...

    Even if it is skeezy it's still probably a zillion dollars to rent/own property there :(

    I applied to the Ottawa-Carleton board yesterday - weeeee!!!!