Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Slowly Becoming a Londoner?

Wednesday January 25th, 2012

This past week I’ve been able to integrate myself more into the different communities within London, as opposed to focusing on major tourist activities. 

That didn’t stop me from taking a picture of the beautifully lit London Bridge at night though!

I met a woman named Gisela in the hostel at breakfast and we’ve become pretty good friends just by chance. On the weekend she found this craft workshop to go to in a community centre (attached to a great old church, of course), so we headed over there to see what sort of crafts we could learn.

First we stopped for some caffeine at the Borough Market, right outside of our hostel.

These are some pictures of the giant building Borough Market is in. The second one is apparently a really fancy place people with money get brunch at on Sundays. (I mean it's like £30+ for a meal for one!)

We had to walk up a giant hill to go to the craft workshop, but once we got to the top the view of this neighbourhood’s park and scenery made it totally worth the climb.

The grand old church.

I first learned how to make my own gift bag out of newspaper… But let’s say my folding skills still aren’t that great so I did not take a picture of my pitiful efforts for anyone. Luckily I found my talent in felt-making!

It was a messy process involving lots of water and soap so I couldn’t take any action shots, but the end result means turning fluffy pieces of wool into tiny felt balls.

I then made it into a keychain.

Then we decided to get lunch from this café attached to the church and community centre. It was adorable and full of young families and the food and tea was pretty delicious!

This building is right outside our hostel, and it’s the one they used for Bridget Jones’s apartment in the first movie.

A shot of The Eye at night.

And on Sunday I had a few errands to run and had time when I was changing Tube lines at King’s Cross… So I couldn’t resist…

Maybe I'll go back with someone and get a good and cheesy picture of me "going to Hogwarts" by holding onto the trolley. 

In addition to walking around taking pictures and making felt, I got to see a show of one of my current favourite bands last night for free (I'll make another post for it!), I am becoming much better at finding my way and I went to pub trivia with a bunch of people last night. It was so much fun, even though most of the questions were obviously Brit-centric and I had nooo clue for quite a few.

I found a place to live and I get to move in on February 1st. I didn't have anything to do this coming weekend, and the hostel here is booked and all other ones in London that I looked up go up in price this weekend... Sooo I decided to book an impromptu trip to Scotland. I'll arrive in Edinburgh by train (I am SO excited for the train ride through the UK!) on Friday afternoon, head to Glasgow Monday afternoon, and return to London Wednesday evening to my own room. I am excited for all of this!


  1. All so freaking amazing. JUST GOING TO SCOTLAND FOR THE WEEKEND Y'ALL, BRB!

    Hate/miss you

  2. I KNEW you would make me a felted key chain!!! What a beautiful gift - I accept!! Wait, it IS for me right?...

    So this new apartment.... is it the one youre going to invite me to?

    You should do a Liverpool/Beatles sight seeing trip while youre at it - the more galavanting you do, the more entertained at work I will be!!!